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Our aim is to provide native speaking professional career orientated teachers, not travellers, primarily for work in Vietnam and also volunteer teachers for charity teaching centers.

Salaries vary from $1500 - $3500 per month or from $15 - $35 per hour. There are part-time and full-time roles available.

Some jobs offer free accommodation and transportation. ESL Recruitment Staff in Vietnam will also help you to settle in, so your not alone! Tax in Vietnam is around 35%, but the low standard of living around $250 for modern apartment, food and trips are very cheap, one can save quite a bit of money.

We make sure our applicants suitable academic qualifications, we check educational background, school, college and university as well as TEFL certifications. We also work only with candidates who have criminal background checks.


  • Must have a Min. Bachelor's Degree Arts or Science
  • Must have a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Certifications
  • Must have a valid Criminal Background Check

Teacher evaluation

School evaluation

Applicants, candidates are making probably the largest commitment of their life to travel away from family and friend to live and work thousands of miles away.

We ask that recruiters, schools make the huge effort in returning this commitment by ensuring that teachers are well looked after. By doing so you will have a happy teacher who will deliver success to your facility.

ESL Recruitment will help you with the teacher when they arrive in Vietnam, a representative can help you meet them, greet them and engage them into the wonderful community that Vietnam has to offer.

Voluntary Teaching

There are many learners in Vietnam who cannot afford the cost of ESL Schools, but there are a nummber of generous individuals who try to support these unfortunate situations with Free Schools. Schools like Ms Pham Thuy who runs one Hanoi that requires Voluntary teachers, so if you have time after your regular job, pop in an help out!

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